• September 2015

A Real Boon For Aspecta!

ASPECTA BV’s new director of sales, Nicola Boon, is excited about his role and here he gives a brief overview of the flooring world and the opportunities ahead.

The most special thing for me about joining ASPECTA is, after being a successful customer and introducing a Vertex LVT brand into the Dutch market, I am now getting the opportunity to be part of a great team who is launching one of the most ambitious LVT concepts into the ERME markets. Especially, as the ASPECTA range is so very on trend.

For example, in my opinion, it is currently all about getting as close as possible to the natural looks of stones and woods by different types of embossing and better, deeper prints. This development is already upcoming in the flooring industry supported by high definition 3D printed surfaces. Another trend is the demand for bigger sizes in stones as well as planks.

The biggest potential for LVT, I see, now that most markets in the ERME area are overcoming the economic downturn, is the renovating of office buildings (into new offices or private housing) and there will be big opportunities in the leisure industry where consumers will demand more comfort and durability - for which Aspecta FIVE is the perfect answer!

I’m very excited to work with the ASPECTA ERME team as the ASPECTA programme continues to develop and next new product launches will be presented very shortly. We have already previewed ASPECTA TEN and I am really looking forward to the full launch at Domotex in January. I’m convinced our latest developments will positively surprise both our current and potential ASPECTA customers and will increase the chances for them to open new markets.

If you have any thoughts about the flooring world, do get in touch at Nboon@Aspectaflooring.com. Otherwise, I hope to see you in Hannover if not before.