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Having enjoyed a very busy Independent Hotel Show in London alongside Westfield Washrooms and Multipanel from Grant Westfield, whose Westfield Flooring division exclusively distributes ASPECTA in the UK, it now seems a good time to review ASPECTA’s credentials for the hospitality market, says marketing manager Jonathan Bell.

The potential role for flooring in the context of bars, restaurants and hotels is huge. We are, of course, biased but hopefully this photo is a fair example of the impact that can be achieved. This image showcases Mason Oak Mist – and the floor really plays a part here in terms of unifying the overall effect.

We spent a lot of time creating a range that would have a ‘wow’ factor for hospitality specifiers. We knew we needed to capture a wide range of preferences and styles – and the result was our 33 Stones, 52 Woods and 24 Abstracts. Indeed, the ASPECTA FIVE range has some stunning offerings and here are a few of my favorites:

Iceland Pine is a design that truly works for the European market with its clean, simple, yet elegant look. Offered in contemporary greys that evoke settings of concrete, asphalt and stone, these new neutrals are perfect for a whole range of hospitality briefs and hotel reception areas.

Tarnish offers a steel patina of smoky undertones with contrasting corrosive figures. The light and neutral colours slip into contemporary use for a broad spectrum of restaurants, while the darker, earthier colours best match traditional and more rustic spaces such as bars and informal eateries. These ‘Metals’ have struck a real cord with specifiers looking to create an urban, industrial feel. The inspiration for this line came from a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York full of reclaimed materials!

Piermont. This painted wood boasts a unique layered finish by combining a pearlescent effect, abstract design and wood embossing texture – which when brought together creates the most fascinating wood grain. It is bold and new so the perfect choice for hospitality.

Apart from a great aesthetic contribution, LVT has many functional benefits in terms of its durability and being very easy to maintain. With a 3.2mm gauge, a wear layer of 0.7mm and Ceramic Bead finish, ASPECTA FIVE is up to the challenge of any hospitality environment – however heavy the footfall. The brand has a 25 year warranty!

We offer an unprecedented range of 100 plus tiles and planks, ranging in size from 609.6mm x 609.6mm to 101.6mm x 914.4mm respectively, so whatever the project - bar, restaurant or hotel – ASPECTA has a solution. Traditional/contemporary. Large/small. Urban/country.

Why not request a sample and tell us what you think? For further information visit www.aspectaflooring.com

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