• ISOCORE Technology. A Revolutionary Core Layer

    ISOCORE Technology. A Revolutionary Core Layer

    ISOCORE Technology. A Revolutionary Core Layer

The result of four years of research and development, ISOCORE represents a new standard for the highest quality Modular Multilayer LVT floor coverings. The unique ISOCORE core-layer is a highly engineered, closed-cell extruded PVC that enables it to excel in comparison to other multilayer solutions. Its unique composition allows it to be strong and rigid (dimensionally stable), lightweight (just 600 kg/m³), 100% waterproof and inherently safe.

Consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability, ISOCORE  is manufactured from 100% virgin resins, and does not contain any plasticizers, phthalates or formaldehyde. It is Floorscore® certified for indoor air quality.

ISOCORE was developed to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for builders, architects, designers, retailers, installers and end users. Made without wood powders, it is unaffected by water, spills and moisture. Due to its high dimensional stability, it can be installed in commercial areas up to 400 m²’s without the need for dilatation/expansion gaps, and can resist interior environmental conditions up to 60 degrees Celsius. Designed to be installed directly over existing flooring or subflooring, the strong and rigid core-layer provides outstanding locking strength, which prevents the negative “telegraphing effect” that can result from subfloor imperfections. Much lighter in weight than other multi-layer products, it is easier and more cost-effective to transport and install. Modular Multilayer Floorcoverings (MMF) constructed with ISOCORE core-layer have undergone extensive testing and comply with the highest European standards, such as EN-16511:2014 (the latest European norm for “Loose-laid panels. Semi-rigid multilayer modular floor covering panels with wear resistant top layer”).

Importantly, ISOCORE flooring is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Finishes include a broad spectrum of contemporary and traditional wood and tile finishes in a vast array of lengths and widths.

“I AM ISOCORE” Marketing & Communication Campaign

ISOCORE Technology® will made a bold debut at Domotex Hannover with the campaign “I AM ISOCORE,” a theme that will carry throughout 2017 at the world’s premier flooring exhibitions, including Surfaces (Las Vegas), Domotex (Shanghai) and NeoCon (Chicago). The campaign will be activated through multiple channels, including advertising, live events, large-scale installations, videos and social media.

The “I AM ISOCORE” concept establishes a strong, relatable, human and personal voice for the brand, and is designed to provide a vehicle to communicate the product’s vast scientific, functional and emotional benefits.

At Domotex Hannover, visitors will first encountered the theme at entrances to the vast Hannover Messe venue, where super-scale advertising towers feature a colorful abstract double helix graphic that proclaims “I AM ART + SCIENCE. #IAmISOCORE.” Once inside the venue, attendees will behold a grand, rotating double helix sculpture rising above the Aspecta stand, a full 6,5 meters in height. The sculpture, made entirely of ISOCORE, is a physical demonstration of the product’s exceptional features: strength, lightness, rigidity and beauty. The double helix shape was chosen as a representation of the intertwining of technology and aesthetic that make ISOCORE a true breakthrough in the LVT flooring category.

At the Surfaces trade event in Las Vegas in mid-January, the theme will shift to “I AM A ROCKSTAR. #IAmISOCORE,” as the company’s Metroflor division hosts US distributors, Aligned Dealers and other key customers at a rock ‘n’ roll-themed gathering. Arresting graphics and a large sculptural installation in the “Rockstar” theme will carry the campaign concept forward.

As the campaign unfolds throughout 2017, “I AM ISOCORE” will support functional messages such as “I AM SOUNDPROOF,” “I AM SUSTAINABLE” and “I AM WATERPROOF,” as well as emotional statements like “I AM THERE FOR YOU,” “I AM THE FUTURE” and “I AM SAFE.”

Beginning later in the first quarter of 2017, the campaign will invite audiences into a personal and social conversation. “I AM ISOCORE. Who are YOU?” will be the call to action for individuals to share their “I AM ____________” statements on social media using #IAmISOCORE. The campaign will create a virtual gathering place for builders, architects, designers, distributors, retailers and end users alike to take part in an ongoing ISOCORE conversation.