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Chimere Meerschman from our Belgian distributor Contesse talks about ASPECTA’s recent launch at architect@work.

Architect@work was the ideal launch pad for ASPECTA in Belgium given its reputation and following within the A&D community and also the timing. And the events at Kortrijk and Liege certainly exceeded our expectations. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth. We did a lot of listening and I thought I would share our learnings in a blog.

There was a lot of interest in ASPECTA from both architects and interior designers whose priorities are specialist retail outlets and boutiques. They loved the ‘urban’ feel of our Concrete, Tarnish and Piermont designs - which has been a trend right across Europe.

Hexi with its unusual, geometric pattern also got a great reception from retail-focused architects. They felt it would really suit contemporary environments, giving a hint of excitement while not overwhelming other materials and surfaces.

For office buildings, the Wood designs were considered to be ideal and with a portfolio of 52 different SKUs, specifiers had plenty of choice - from warm, dark traditional oaks to light, contemporary pines.

One of our most classical lines, Pedona, with its layered markings of time and polished stone finish, was thought to be ideal for bathrooms by planners, architects and designers alike.

Finally, ASPECTA FIVE’s durability clearly gives it real credibility. With a 3.2mm gauge, a wear layer of 0.7mm and Ceramic Bead finish, the floors keep their good looks and are also very easy to maintain and this was a very important consideration for our visitors. Our tiles and planks range in size up to 609mm x 609mm and 1500mm x 230mm respectively and the scope this offers, also impressed our prospective customers.

So all in all, a great couple of shows! Let the dialogue continue! Feel free to email me at Cmeerschman@Aspectaflooring.com