• Aspecta Five Range

    A new dimension

Aspecta Five range

The ASPECTA FIVE range brings a new dimension to flooring for the global contract community, with a collection of beautiful tiles and planks that combine excellence in design, colour and texture. 

With 52 wood grain planks, 33 stone and 24 abstract tile floors, the designs span metal, solid hues, concrete, wood and stone visuals, enhanced by the most authentic textures on the market.

ASPECTA FIVE has been developed following consultation with architects, designers and contractors to ensure that it outperforms the current market offering from an aesthetic as well as practical perspective. Innovations include larger plank and print widths than previously available to reduce the repeat element, and the creation of a more natural look with a range of In-Registered Embossing techniques.

Here is a selection of ASPECTA FIVE products:


Cherry, the American “fruitwood”, is a standard for furniture and flooring with its rich wine colours and subtle graining. The wood’s rich heritage gives the classic Cherry a regal quality, but Blair Cherry favours a more modern design with a smoother grain and classic colours.


Spotted Gum has a tough, fine grain resistant to warping, making it perfect for tool handles and flooring. With Australian heritage, the design offers a rich combination of colour and visual texture suitable for the hospitality, healthcare, retail, and builders’ markets. The variegated quality can give it either a rich exotic or abstract contemporary look depending on the colour chosen.


Beaumont Hickory creates the quintessential look in wood floors with its detail, depth of texture, scale, beautiful play on colour and hand scraped surface. The design’s unique features will make it a favourite among interior designers. 


Undeniably European in character, the deep colour and classic look is captured through the fuming process – where the wooden planks are treated in a rarefied atmosphere of ammonia or tin to alter the tannins in the wood and change the plank’s natural colour. A translucent wash adds the finishing touch, bringing out the rich graining to create that unmistakable look.


In its natural state, oak is light so can be easily stained into a full range of colours. Its graining can vary from deep and dramatic to linear and abstract. Contemporary Oak has a fresh and understated look, different to traditional oak paneling.


A straight graining blend that provides a solid base to the floor and complements the overall interior. The classic design is perfect for a range of contract settings, whether hospitality, healthcare, education or office spaces.


Iceland Pine is a design that truly works for the global market with its clean, simple, yet elegant look. Offered in contemporary greys that evoke settings of concrete, asphalt and stone, you will find these new neutrals are perfect for the job.


Taken from warehouse floorboards that have been used and then discarded, Summer Pine offers four new colours that effortlessly capture the richness of modern industrial trends.


This unique design makes a true statement. With origins in Brooklyn, the bold graining and sophisticated colours draw the eye without ever overpowering the space. 


With its beautiful patina finish and texture, Mason Oak celebrates the European heritage of worn hand-planed planks marred by years of use. Whether these woods are found in interiors or as exterior cladding, they all feature subtle greys mixed with natural wood that offer rich colour combinations and a feeling of familiarity and comfort.


Elm offers graining and colour that can add clean lines and interest to all interiors. The design can be used to expand your oak selections or work as a standalone floor. Either way, Melbourne is an exquisite foundation on which to build your design inspirations. 



Perfect for those casual hospitality and retail interiors where the use of more rustic wood treatments can create a true sense of outdoors. The mellow blending of colours imitates the subtle variances in nature. 


A traditional approach that when paired with more austere materials can create an exciting, unexpected look. Its layered markings of time effectively capture the feel of polished stone. 


This unique stone features an innovative structural pattern, offering rich figuring and a decorative quality that best lends itself to more traditional spaces. 


With inspiration from the 40s and 50s, this recently discovered marble effect runs in a soft linear motion for contemporary and minimalist looks in hospitality, corporate and retail interiors where services and products need the space to shine. 


An earthy option that responds to the trend for linear patterns. A solid choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors, its statement is one of elegance in nature. 


Provides a gentle linear movement appropriate for more general areas. The variation of tonal quality makes it especially suitable for minimalist styling, however it can be a basic starting point for traditional, more heavily decorated spaces.


Imitates the smooth and porous surface of well-layered cement. This finely detailed ‘workhorse’ rendition finds its way into most interiors as the basic ground on which to build, with reference to natural elements and subtle washed colours both adding an extra dimension. 



A steel patina of smoky undertones with contrasting corrosive figures. The light and neutral colours slip into contemporary use for corporate, upmarket retail and restaurants, while the darker, earthier colours best match traditional and more rustic spaces such as pubs and informal eateries.


In a closely related range of neutrals, this unusual, geometric pattern coordinates with contemporary environments for a hint of excitement while not overwhelming other materials and surfaces.  


The texture of textiles allows for bright colour flecks on a neutral ground to come together with colourful palettes for public spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and other high activity areas. 


In a montage of triangles this design forms a textural solid that’s perfect for high activity spaces with spirit. 


This painted wood boasts a unique layered finish by combining a pearlescent effect, abstract design and wood embossing texture – which when brought together creates the most fascinating wood grain. It’s bold and new so the perfect choice for retail, hospitality or office interiors.

ASPECTA™ ERME is part of the Vertex Group, an international flooring enterprise based in Norwalk, Connecticut USA.  The business operates globally across over 40 countries in five continents.