• Press Release

    August 2015

Aspecta™ LVT Launches in the Netherlands

Following the launch of ASPECTA™ LVT flooring into America last year, and then earlier in 2015 into twelve European countries, the brand is now being introduced in the Netherlands. As of August 15, flooring specialist ROOMMADE will exclusively distribute the ASPECTA™ LVT brand to Dutch retail and commercial markets, with the exception of a few large contract companies which ASPECTA BV will work with directly.

ROOMMADE will immediately start rolling out samples and marketing materials from the "Elemental by ASPECTA" dryback collection (2.5 / 0,55mm) to some 400 specialist interior designer, speciality flooring and interior decor businesses. Simultaneously, ROOMMADE will introduce the ASPECTA FIVE commercial dryback collection (3.2 / 0,70mm) to architects and designers, as well as to flooring contractors. Both ASPECTA™ collections are available from stock in the Netherlands.

ASPECTA™ and ROOMMADE will give top priority to the introduction of the dryback collections. For the contract market, ASPECTA™ has developed fantastic Architect Folders which give an overview of the entire ASPECTA FIVE collection (109 designs in total).

With regard to product samples, ASPECTA™ has introduced a unique service model whereby customers can order samples directly through the website, and they will then be delivered within 48 hours. All information about the ASPECTA™ collection is available on the website (www.aspectaflooring.com).

At the upcoming Domotex fair in Hannover, another new product line - ASPECTA TEN - will be introduced. This is a revolutionary LVT-Click flooring solution, which will include the self-developed Vertex "Isocore™ Technology".

Elemental by ASPECTA is a very attractive dryback collection for both residential and commercial application – it is 2.5 mm thick, with a wear layer of 0.55 mm and suitable for use in application class 23-33-42. The collection comprises a total of 32 designs - 22 woods and 10 stones. The entire portfolio is finished with a very matt PU coating which is reinforced with ceramic particles. Elemental by ASPECTA has a warranty period of 15 years (product and materials) for domestic use and 10 years for commercial use.

ASPECTA FIVE is a high-quality brand, specially developed for the contract market. This dryback collection features a 3.2mm total thickness, with a wear layer of 0.70 mm and suitable for use in application class 23-34-43. The collection comprises a total of 109 designs, 52 woods, 33 stones and 24 abstracts. Furthermore, ASPECTA FIVE has 13 different embossings and the complete range is finished with a very matt PU coating which is reinforced with ceramic particles. ASPECTA FIVE has a warranty period of 25 years (product and materials) and an installation warranty period of 10 years.

ASPECTA BV managing director Marcel Kies commented: "We are very pleased with the arrangement with ROOMMADE who have now become our new ASPECTA distribution partner for the Dutch market. ROOMMADE is a very forward-thinking, innovative company and with six account managers in the field, ROOMMADE will certainly be able to create the necessary impact for ASPECTA in the Netherlands.”

Picture shows: ROOMMADE account manager Mano Demmers (left), ROOMMADE managing director Paul Mattijssen (centre) and Marcel Kies - ASPECTA BV managing director.