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Crazy Specification for Aspecta's Italian Team

Crazy Drivers Diner is a recently re-opened American fifties style restaurant in the heart of Inverigo near Lake Como. The eclectic, atmospheric interior is totally stunning and the venue has already established a regular clientele. The automotive fixtures, fittings and memorabilia are enhanced by the authentic interior, and a Beaumont Hickory Dawn ASPECTA FIVE floor.

ASPECTA FIVE was partly chosen because it looks fantastic, but also because it is so hard wearing. The floor is subjected to very heavy footfall, not only in terms of numbers, but also in terms of weight! Owner Fabrizio Iacono holds regular American themed events with Harley Davidsons, Cadillacs and other American iconic vehicles.

ASPECTA FIVE is a commercial product with a 3.2mm gauge, a wear layer of 0.7mm and Ceramic Bead finish. It comprises 100 plus tiles and planks, ranging in size from 609,6mm x 609,6mm” to 101,6mm x 914,4mm respectively. There are 52 woods, 33 stones and 24 abstract designs. The colours are new, fresh, and well ahead trend-wise of any current LVT offering; and further enhanced by a three stage embossing process with 13 different designs.

Specifically, ASPECTA FIVE has a 25 year commercial warranty, a 10 year labour warranty and a market leading ceramic bead finish.

Durable, easy to maintain and safe, ASPECTA FIVE is suitable for a host of demanding commercial high-traffic environments while still looking great: notably retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, government and commercial buildings.

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