• ERME launches in Europe

ASPECTA™ ERME is an ambitious new flooring brand that is looking to claim around 10% of the 45 million square metre European LVT market, within the next three to five years.

The brand’s first range to be launched into Europe is ASPECTA FIVE, bringing a new dimension to LVT and targeting the architect and design community with an extensive range of aesthetically stunning products that have been developed by top designers. ASPECTA FIVE comprises 100 plus tiles and planks, ranging in size from 609,6mm x 609,6mm” to 101,6mm x 914,4mm respectively. There are 52 woods, 33 stones and 24 abstract designs. The colours are new, fresh, and well ahead trend-wise of any current LVT offering; and further enhanced by a three stage embossing process with 13 different designs.

LVT is in growth as a category, due to its durability, performance and low maintenance. Specifically, ASPECTA FIVE has a 25 year commercial warranty, a 10 year labour warranty and a market leading ceramic bead finish. 

Durable, easy to maintain and safe, ASPECTA FIVE is suitable for a host of demanding commercial high-traffic environments while still looking great: notably retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, government and commercial buildings.

The brand also holds the CE mark and the General Technical Approval of the DIBt (abZ) accreditation.

ASPECTA™ ERME is part of the Vertex Group, an international flooring enterprise based in Norwalk, Connecticut USA.  The business operates globally across over 40 countries in five continents.