• Oud Gastel, January 2016

New Standards For The Contract Market

With ASPECTA, a new brand entered the European flooring market in 2015. It belongs to the US-based VERTEX Group, a company whose history dates back more than 100 years and which is represented in 40 countries across five continents. The aim of the European distribution team, based in the Netherlands, is to increase market share of the LVT flooring market to 10 percent within the next five years.

The official launch of the ASPECTA flooring brand in Europe began with the showcasing of the ASPECTA FIVE range at DOMOTEX 2015. This was also the starting point for distribution in Russia and the Middle East – the three regions in short called ERME. Over the past twelve months the new brand has been shown at more than 20 exhibitions, including the Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Turkey Build Istanbul, the Hotel Dubai Show and the Hotel Shows in London and Athens.

Today, the range is sold in 13 countries. Marcel Kies, managing director of ASPECTA ERME, said: "ASPECTA products are perfectly aligned to the needs of the contract market, and the company’s strengths are clearly linked to its design development, its sophisticated technology and high quality standards. Our declared goals are to expand our business into more countries, attract suitable distribution partners and increase the awareness of our brand.”

Exhibition Activities in 2016

At DOMOTEX 2016, ASPECTATM ERME wants to build on the success of its first year, presenting another commercial range: the multi-layer LVT click flooring ASPECTA TEN, which has a total thickness of 10 mm and is available in three sizes. The under layer is based on ISOCORE TechnologyTM, which has been filed for patent in the USA. With a total of 40 designs, the multi-faceted ASPECTA TEN collection is suitable for a host of applications, notably hospitality, healthcare and nursing, retail and any other high-traffic environment. Additionally, professional flooring contractors will benefit from easy installation.

A further focus at the exhibition in Hannover will be the allure brand. Up until now, this brand has been primarily showcased on the American market and will eventually include four product lines. Aside from three flooring collections, a wall covering product has been added. allure wall covering is a modern variation that provides an alternative to traditional wallpaper or paint designs. This product also uses ISOCORE TechnologyTM, which gives the individual elements a high degree of stability.

After launching ASPECTA TEN, the next highlight will follow at DOMOTEX in Shanghai where the ASPECTA ONE flooring collection will take centre stage. Featuring 40 wood, stone and abstract designs and suitable for full-surface coverage with a 0.55 millimetre-thick wear layer, it reinforces ASPECTA’s expertise and design focus within the commercial sector.


In the coming 12 months, ASPECTATM ERME intends to sign up to eight further distribution partners in about ten countries including Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and the Middle East. To achieve this goal, the attendance at further exhibitions and events has been planned – and also in collaboration with existing distribution partners. The aim is to expand both the sales network and the customer base – primarily architects, designers and specifiers.

To this end, the management intends to focus on increased marketing efforts, particularly advertising, PR and social media. With Marcel Kies, managing director, Claudia Kunath, marketing and product development director as well as Nicola Boon, sales director, the company combines a high level of expertise and long-standing experience in the international flooring business.

About the Company

ASPECTA BV, with its head office in Oud Gastel in the Netherlands, is a subsidiary of the U.S. Vertex Group, an international company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of flooring. ASPECTA BV manages sales and customer service for the ASPECTA and allure brands in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. They are currently represented in 13 European countries, with more to follow.                                                                                

For further information please visit www.aspectaflooring.com.

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