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Transparency is one of our core values. We’re proud of our products and what we do. Our certifications and declarations showcase our open and transparent sharing of information with stakeholders.


FloorScore® Certification

FloorScore certification provides peace of mind that Aspecta tiles, planks, and adhesives have been independently certified to meet strict volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions criteria by the California Section 01350 standard. This standard ensures compliance with indoor air quality requirements adopted by the State of California.

Floor Score Diamond

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD is similar to a nutrition label, but more robust. It documents environmental impacts of a product from the beginning of a product’s life to the end. The EPD creates a picture of the product’s effects on the environment and typically includes information regarding impacts on global warming, ozone depletion, water pollution, ozone creation and greenhouse gas emissions, at a minimum. The industry-wide EPD prepared by the RFCI, which Metroflor participated in, is an ISO 14025 Type III third party certified EPD, meaning the specification of all of our products, including Aspecta, will contribute to LEED credits.

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Product Transparency Declaration (PTD)

The PTD was created after architects and designers began to question the potential hazards of a product’s chemical components. Safe ingredients mean safe products. Knowledge of the chemical components to which an installer and occupants will be exposed will allow them to avoid potential hazards and ensure their safety and health. The PTD distinguishes risk hazard and provides actionable information, marrying ingredient disclosure with exposure disclosure. To further our commitment to product transparency, we have prepared PTD’s for Aspecta and all recommended adhesive systems.

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NSF/ANSI 332 Sustainability Assessment

The NSF/ANSI 332 Sustainability Assessment is a multi-attribute, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based third-party certification program. This program was designed by the RFCI in conjunction with NSF International around the principles of the LCA, in that it looks at products from cradle to grave. This assessment not only looks at the sustainability of the product but also considers the commitments of the manufacturer itself. In essence, NSF/ANSI 332 gives the end-user peace of mind that both the product and the manufacturer are engaged in sustainable practices. The NSF/ANSI 332 certification process for Aspecta was recently completed and we are excited to be able.

NSF platinum Certification

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